Asian Sesame Dressing

by Chef Cristian




In a Vitamix, combine sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, orange juice, maple syrup, ginger and garlic and blend until combined. Dressing base should have a sharp, sour taste, but also sweet - orangy, slightly salty - with a sesame oil aroma.


Slowly add in oil. Once oil is emulsified, pour in tahini and pulse just until combined.


Ad more tahini and the dressing will turn into mayonnaise!



 or servings

 minutes prep




8 oz deli cup:

¼ c  Toasted Sesame Oil

2 T  Soy Sauce

3 T  Rice Vinegar

2 T  Orange Juice

2 T  Maple Syrup

1 T  Ginger

2  cloves Garlic

½ c  Oil (Grapeseed Oil/Regular Sesame Oil)

1 ½ t  Tahini


3x = 32 oz deli cup

¾ c  Toasted Sesame Oil

¼ c + 2 T  Soy Sauce

½ c + 1 T  Rice Vinegar

¼ c + 2 T  Orange Juice

3 T  Maple Syrup

3 T  Ginger

6  cloves Garlic

1 ½ c  Oil (Grapeseed Oil/Regular Sesame Oil)

2 T  Tahini