Meal planning & delivery...

Our FOOD CLUB offers private meal planning and delivery to your home or office.  During the week we attend the local farmers market to hand pick what is available and in season.  We create inspired dishes that cover a variety of plant-based proteins, various grains & legumes, raw & cooked salads, chilled & hot soups, spring rolls & wraps. The menu changes every week, and we are constantly creating through our own inspiration and using suggestions and feedback from our clients. 

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS:  As your private chef, we are committed to understanding and meeting your individual needs.  We ask that you to provide all dietary restrictions, allergies, and taste preferences so we can use this information to create a unique culinary experience that is healthy, satisfying, and safe for you and your family to enjoy.

INVOICING:  Club fees are due at the start of each four-week cycle.  Currently we accept payment by personal check, direct deposit, or Pay-Pal.  The fees include planning, shopping, cooking and delivery.  

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Food deliveries may be suspended for vacations, business trips and other periods as desired, and in such instances those days will be credited toward the following month.  Please provide us sufficient time (1 month notice) in advance if you are going to be absent for an extended length of time.     

SPECIAL REQUESTS:  We can increase deliveries at any time with reasonable advance notice to accommodate house guests and special occasions, subject to additional fees to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

DELIVERY:  Deliveries are twice a week and fees vary depending on delivery location, sensitivity of timing, length of travel.   

We believe that eating close to the source is truly life-changing. We are happy to share the “locavore” lifestyle with you.

For meal plan options & Prices, please contact us or email us at


SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS:  As private chefs, we are able to accommodate a limited number of clients at any given time.  We always save some space, however, for those who have a limited budget, where we offer a slightly modified version of our services.  We appreciate the generosity of our sustaining clients, whose loyalty and passion for our mission give us the ability to provide for those who can truly benefit from our services, but who would not be able to do so otherwise.  This is the sense of community and caring we would like to embody and encourage.


CONTAINERS:  Periodically there is a nominal container fee.  As we are committed to our mission of promoting a more eco-friendly life style, our containers are reusable, and we ask that each client wash or rinse them and return them to us each week.  We then re-wash and sanitize them before use.


What would we do without Sepi?! I can’t imagine life without her now. My husband and I have been enjoying her beautiful, imaginative and delicious food for over 3 years. I never was a fan of vegetables, but Sepi’s salads and her vegetable laden dishes are full of color and simply amazing! Because of her, I love kale, beets, brussels sprouts, squashes, sweet potatoes and dozens of other veggies. Her pasta dishes are something we greatly anticipate every week, her salads are always a delight and watch out for her desserts because they are to die for. We have catered many dinners at our home with Chef Sepi and people are blown away with the organic, seasonal and cruelty free menus every time. I can always rely on Sepi to do a wonderful job catering our fundraisers through the year. She designs the perfect menu for every occasion.

Sepi is a brilliant and conscientious chef. I love her kind, compassionate soul, her upbeat personality and her artistry of cooking. I really hope she will write a cookbook in the near future!
— Cheri Shankar (client since 2009)