It's SIMPLE.  

How you EAT is the most POWERFUL determinant of how you THINK, FEEL, and FUNCTION.

We specialize in vegan/vegetarian cuisine and take pride in using only the freshest LOCAL ingredients and SEASONAL produce. What you receive is a symphony of FRESH, ORGANIC tastes, colors, and textures artfully created to nourish you at your core.

There is no more effective way to TRANSFORM your life than to eat FARM-TO-TABLE. That means eating as close to the NATURAL SOURCE or "plant source" as you can. We purchase our produce directly from the FARMERS, because we understand that LOCALLY-SOURCED foods are better for the ENVIRONMENT and in effect, better for YOU. It's simple. Our cuisine is CONSCIOUS, DELICIOUS and full of VARIETY, keeping you feeling light, fit, and satisfied.

We are thrilled to guide you on this journey...


Here are some of the projects and activities we are continuously working on, & we welcome your participation!

   Join the fun that feeds your soul...!

Join me at the local westside Farmer's Markets.  Buy local, eat seasonal, and taste the difference!

Setting up a home garden and composting systems can be easy, fun, and very satisfying. We can show you how to get started..


A  food education and distribution non-profit committed to providing the venice community with vegan meals & healthy food choices.

THIS MONTH & Every month...

Have a Hunger to Help? Join the People’s Potluck.

Held every Sunday night around 8pm at 3rd & Rose, the People’s Potluck has been serving free potluck meals to the homeless and members of the public since September. Organized through Occupy Venice, the caravan of volunteers and local activists provides healthy hot food for the hungry at least once a week from the Venice Learning Garden while building community and providing legal rights information to those who live along 3rd Street.

Also... now every Wednesday night around 7:30pm at Hippy Hill (Dudley & the boardwalk), the People's Potluck serves up a nourishing vegan meal for the community.  

In addition to serving meals, the groups accept and distribute clothing and needed goods from the Venice area in coordination with Replay Vintage Clothing and local donors.  If you would like to volunteer to help prepare a meal or serve please contact us for details.

Occupy Venice will also grab your food and leftovers from a special event as well. Contact them at 424.209.2777 and they’ll schedule a pick up. Or if you would like to donate, they’ll take any winter gear, clean blankets, sleeping bags, coats, sweaters, and toiletries/personal hygiene items to distribute.

FTP – Feed the People.

If you would like to donate for food purchases please visit our website...