Sepi Kashanian is the executive chef and founder of MotherOrganica, LLC. As a traveler of the world, it’s no surprise that Sepi is a free spirit with a natural appreciation for the very notion of a sustainable lifestyle.  Sepi has taken her formal training in Communication and French Culinary, and used it to transform her career toward effecting change and progress in local, sustainable solutions that will benefit her community and inspire others to live healthier. She’s an artist, a creative thinker, and a believer in living the best life possible and taking responsibility for making that happen every day.

Her unwavering focus on sustainable practices began with her own lifestyle experiences shortly after graduating from the Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute in 2005. She refined her skills in Lyon, France, interning for a year at Restaurant Rafael Beringer, with Chefs John Sherry and Rafael Beringer.  Then she moved to the region of Mantova, Italy, to work closely with Chef Nadia Santini at the the Three-Star Michelin-rated restaurant, Dal Pescatore.  This proved to be a life changing experience, as she witnessed three generations of the Santini Family growing vegetables on their small local farm, raising animals for local consumption, and being part of a living community providing many of the ingredients for their organic, family-owned Italian restaurant.  It was this hyper-local sense of living that became the foundation for MotherOrganica.

The sum of Sepi’s experiences abroad lead her to the realization that there is a great need for increasing awareness and providing others with the resources and tools they need to move towards a plant based, whole foods life without sacrificing their appreciation and love for all foods.

As a private Vegan/Vegetarian Chef, her greatest challenge is crafting compassionate cuisine for those who are not currently  vegetarian or vegan, and providing satisfying food that is hearty and flavorful, yet healthy and nutritious. She spreads this awareness by building relationships with her clients, and understanding and meeting their dietary needs.

Sepi is a supporter of animal welfare and is actively involved with numerous organizations and charities nationwide. She has catered small and large-scale events for fundraising, doing her part to facilitate progress in her local community and globally.

Sepi’s vision is to effect change and be part of a sustainable movement, and inspire others through this personal expression of creativity.  This is the mission of MotherOrganica, which like most worthwhile endeavors, is a continual work in progress.