Our wish is for everyone to learn how to cook satisfying and delicious meals that are healthy and more sustainable for our planet.  This is why as part of our Mission  we are happy to offer introductory vegan/vegetarian cooking classes that familiarize you with the use of nuts, grains, vegetables and other plant-based ingredients to create a nutritionally-balanced and satisfying meal.

As we evolve into a whole-foods vegetarian diet and become less reliant on ingredients that derived from animal products, we become inherently more creative in the design of our meals.  Whether or not this requires more time (sometimes it does), it definitely requires more thought about what we put into our bodies.  Conscious consumption seems to be the logical evolution.


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“Fresh, flavorful, and indulgent, MotherOrganica strikes the perfect balance between healthy and hearty.  Everything she serves is divinely delicious!”   

 - Rory Freedman, coauthor of NY Times best seller  SKINNY BITCH