As part of our mission, we provide vegan and vegetarian food consulting to individuals and businesses, such as restaurants, markets, and other caterers and chefs.  We want to make this knowledge available to everyone, therefore we offer our services on a donation-basis only.   This includes visits to the local farmers markets, walk-throughs and suggestions at local health food stores, and suggestions for new food items at markets, menu creations for catering, and vegan/vegetarian menu options for restaurants.

Bring It Home:  What’s cooking in your kitchen..?

If you are looking to change your diet, we suggest that you start with the food choices you are making.  The first thing to look at is what you are bringing into your fridge and pantry.  We can help you make more healthy and balanced choices when you are shopping at the local market or health food store.  From reading labels to picking vegetables at the local market, we can assist you in making the right food choices for your lifestyle and nutritional needs.


Menu Options:  What’s vegan/vegetarian on your menu..?   

It’s safe to say that the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is not a passing trend.  People are becoming more conscious of their food choices and the effect those choices have on animals and the environment.  Mainstream healthcare professionals are increasingly acknowledging the health benefits of a plant-based diet.  As the demand for vegan/vegetarian menu options increase, restaurants are incorporating more options in their menus.  Does your menu include vegan/vegetarian options?  We can make simple suggestions, mostly using ingredients that are already in your pantry.

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“Fresh, flavorful, and indulgent, MotherOrganica strikes the perfect balance between healthy and hearty.  Everything she serves is divinely delicious!”   

 - Rory Freedman, coauthor of NY Times best seller  SKINNY BITCH