No need for diets, fads, or fancy words.  It's simple.  We believe that how you eat is the most powerful determinator of how you think, feel, and function.


Our ethos arises from the notion that all of us need stability and core nourishment to thrive. Motherorganica is all about getting back to the basics and creating delicious, nutritious food that is nourishing for both your body and spirit. Our goal is to help create a core, culinary happy place at the center of your life.


We specialize in vegan/vegetarian cuisine and take pride in using only the freshest local ingredients and seasonal produce. What you receive is a symphony of fresh, organic tastes, colors, and textures artfully created to nourish you at your core.


There is no more effective way to transform your life than to eat farm-to-table. That means eating as close to the natural source or "plant source" as you can. We purchase our produce directly from the farmers, because we understand that locally-sourced foods are better for the environment and in effect, better for you. It's simple. Our cuisine is conscious, delicious and full of variety, keeping you feeling light, fit, and satisfied.


We are thrilled to help you on this journey. Ready to go to your happy place?


"Organic" implies farming practices that restrict chemicals, synthetics and genetic engineering (i.e., the use of fertilizers, pesticides and gmos).



By eating locally, we create a greater connection between ourselves and our food sources, resist industrialized and processed foods, and support our local economy.



Foods that come from crops that are chosen because they are naturally well-suited for the local environment and not negatively impacting the land.




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