Thai Green Curry

by Chef Danya




Blend all ingredients until smooth. Flavor should be sharp in ginger and onions, mildly spiced, slightly acidic, slightly salty and slightly floral from coriander and basil leaves. Color should be a nice bright green.


Once smooth, pour into a pot on medium heat with coconut oil, and sauté until onions and spices are cooked. Color will be slightly darker.


Pour in coconut milk, broth, kaffir leaf and remaining top half of lemongrass. Simmer for 45 minutes uncovered, or until flavor has intensified and broth has reduced slightly. Season with salt.


ENJOY Curry with:

Bell Peppers, Sweet Peas, Spinach, Kale, Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Great sides:

Quinoa, Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice




 minutes prep




2 stalks  fresh Lemongrass, top half removed and set aside

1 T + 1 t  Coriander

1 t  Cumin

¼ c  Soy Sauce

1 T  Brown Sugar

1  Thai Chili, seeds removed

2  Onions, chopped

6  Cloves Garlic, chopped

1  “thumb sized piece” Ginger, chopped

1 T  Lime Juice

2 c  fresh loose chopped Coriander stems and leaves

½ c  fresh Thai Basil

2 T  Coconut Oil

2 cans  Coconut Milk

2 c  Broth

1 dried  Kaffir Leaf